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  • Guatemala is full bodied with a medium acidity followed with a dark chocolate & spices flavour.


    Available as coffee beans or coffee grinds. We can grind your coffee beans to different coarseness depending on your machine, these include; espresso grind, paper filter grind, metal filter grind, plunger grind, stovetop grind, aeropress grind and toddy cold drip grind. 


    Guatemala - Single Origin Coffee - 1kg/500g/250g

    Grind Type
      • 1kg - $33
      • 500g - $20
      • 250g - $12
    • -- Espresso coffee - rich, smooth, strong, bitter but not too bitter (too bitter to drink = over extracted) coffee should not be sour (Sour = under extracted)


      -- Plunger coffee - milder, less acidic flavor compared to espresso 


      -- Cold Drip coffee - far less acidic, easier on the stomach, softer taste, ability to taste flavours easier, great for a summers day!


      -- Filter coffee - clean and sweet flavour


      -- Stovetop Espresso - stronger, brewed as a coffee but the strength of an espresso, similar experience to espresso coffee 


      -- Aeropress coffee - clean taste with clearly defined flavours, can even make coffee consentrate similar to espresso, if you're an experimenter or you're  just curious about coffee then you'll have fun with the Aeropress.


      -- Why Beans? - If you have a grinder or you're thinking of getting a grinder here are some facts to help you decide weather to pre-grind your coffee or not.

      Grinding coffee beans as you go is a better way to keep your beans fresher for longer. When you pre-grind your coffee beans the coffee particles are exposed to more air due to the bean being now in about 100 pieces. You can extend the life of your pre-ground coffee by making sure you let as little air into your bag as possible, and by storing in a cool dark place, like a cupboard. You might find if you have pre-ground coffee that it looses it flavour quicker than if you were to have whole beans. This is due to the bean being broken down (ground)