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Short Term Hire Policy

Short Term Hire Policy


Events (Espresso Machine) on the weekend…

If you have an upcoming event on a weekend Abrisca Roasters of Coffee require you to;

  1. Pick up the Espresso Machine and accessories in a Large Car/ SUV

  2. Pick up the machine at around 12:00pm the Friday before

  3. Drop the machine back the following Monday before 12:00pm

  4. You must return all accessories supplied

  5. Payment is to be made prior to event

  6. Machine Damage to be paid for

  7. Any loss of equipment to be paid for

Events (Espresso Machine) during the week…

  1. Follow Terms above

  2. Pick up day before event, Drop machine back day after event


Drip Filter Machines & 100 cup urns

  1. Pick up and drop off as needed.

  2. Return in same condition

  3. Any damage to be paid for

  4. Any loss of equipment to be paid for